About us


My name is Thai Tinh (Thai), I was born in Phu Tho Province in the north of Vietnam in 1980 and I have been a self-employed travel guide in Vietnam since 2000. Through the numerous treks I have guided across the whole of Vietnam I have gained a lot of experience and I now have a very good knowledge of my country’s, history, culture and places of interest well away from the main tourist paths.
If you plan to make a trip to Vietnam to discover the country and its main attractions then I would be very pleased to be your travel guide and to show you the treasures of my country.
I am based in Hanoi where I live with my lovely wife, Lien, and our football-mad son, Tu. Being based in Hanoi is the reason I do most of my treks to the north of Vietnam. Also, being a Northerner, I think this area is the most interesting and beautiful.
I would like to create an itinerary for you based on what you wish to do and see; it does not matter which part of Vietnam interests you.